You can also advise what you should refrain from: initial, of orbit, from smoking and the cup that cheers, as adequately as from products made from snow-white flour and pure sugar.

We list some of these plants: eleutherococcus, maral foremothers, aralia, sunny wholly, Chinese magnolia vine, sevens buckthorn fruits, rose hips, nuts. And also, as much as on, you should use vegetable oils. All of the above contains vitamin E, which is so requisite in the service of men's health. These herbal preparations will stunt the possibility of sex troubles - both at a young lifetime and into decayed age.


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Tutelage: Diploma in the specialty "Andrology" received after completing residency at the Determined of Endoscopic Urology of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Erudition in the urological center of the Main Clinical Asylum No. 1 of JSC Russian Railways (2007). Postgraduate studies were completed here nearby 2010. Our authors.

Eating decided foods that seat the necessary set at odds of vitamins and minerals can help repair a man's sexual performance. In the weak abstain, the so-called vitamins of reproduction should be widely represented, which categorize A, E and representatives of group B, known for the sake of their proficiency to improve.

The best exercises for potency are aimed at pumping the PC muscle. It extends from the pubic bone to the sacrum, and its chore is to make a case for the anus and adjacent internal organs in orthodox position. The muscle is subordinated to the brazenness that controls the occupation of the genitals.

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  • The ensemble range of anticipative measures is reduced to the following volume
  • Normalization of lifestyle: work, food, repose, effect, strong be in the arms of morpheus
  • Quitting defective habits: the cup that cheers, smoking, dope addiction
  • Refusal of interrupted sex mating as the contrariwise method of contraception
  • Choice to billingsgate self-gratification
  • Treatment and anticipation of somatic disorders and diseases: neurological, cardiac, vascular, hepatic, endocrine
  • Convenient treatment of diseases of the genital precinct: prostatitis, adenoma, orchiepididymitis
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In additionally, in order to frustrate such failures, it is necessary to turn to account plants that contain a biostimulating effect, as well as preparations from them.