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The outflow of blood from the corpora cavernosa is angrily limited. The blood stuffing the spongy tissue begins to stretch the tunica albuginea, and the penis increases dramatically in size. Alike resemble processes occur in the spongy network that surrounds the urethra and forms the glans of the penis. Stretching underneath the odoriferous pressure of blood, the tunica albuginea compresses the veins incidentally from stem to stern notable openings with its fibers.

As a emerge, in the look of maximum erection, the outflow of blood from the penis becomes minimum, the blood affliction in the corpora cavernosa reaches its top (up to 500 mm Hg), exceeding the basic nature rate diverse times. And the penis acquires a pronounced elasticity. Metrical such a simplified dodge against the condition of erection gives an idea of ??the many links, disorders of which can persuade to a malfunction in the master-work of this complex mechanism.


Vascular incompetence can spring up from both inadequate blood glide (arterial particular) and rapid blood leakage (venous intermediary). In either carton, there is no erection enough as a service to normal intercourse. That is why the treatment of inadequacy requirement originate with a comprehensive checkout of all the main structures labyrinthine associated with in the maturing of an erection.

Identifying the factors that influenced the onset of procreant inadequacy is an notable degree toward getting rid of the disease. After knowing them, a expert discretion be proficient to prescribe an all right treatment repayment for impotence. The following reasons can bring to the appearance of animal impotence: Unconscious reasons.
Psychological reasons most time after time creator frailty in men who are right-minded discovering sex. In this if it happens, the procreative civil disorder is associated with girlhood and adolescent trauma of a cognitive simplicity, fitting to the peculiarities of upbringing, misgivings of the accomplice's pregnancy or affection, and lack of experience.