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This skeleton is vastly strong and at the very time stretchable. From here to the corpora cavernosa adjoins the urethra (urethra), surrounded alongside the constant spongy tissue. Covering the urethra, the spongy fabric at the intent of it forms a thickening in the kind of the glans penis. Innumerable veins pass through the tunica albuginea.

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Blood exits through them from the penis and flows into the veins of the pelvis. In the area of ??the legs of the penis there are different muscles that are apt of squeezing them along with the veins avidity here during the period of earthy arousal. Notwithstanding, a gazabo cannot command these muscles, like skeletal ones.

A deep dorsal line is located between the corpora cavernosa. It receives blood from the glans penis and the annular veins flowing into it, which, in turn, come by blood from the corpora cavernosa. Thus, a kidney of closed hydrodynamic structure is created.


The causes of impotence.

The operation of developing an erection of the penis is simplified as follows: during sexual arousal, signals are sent from the essential nervous system to the arteries that pass confidential the corpora cavernosa.


Hormonal causes.

They unfold, and a large amount of blood abruptly fills the cells of the spongy tissue. At the anyhow perpetually, the muscles, having received signals, originate to compact, hug the veins coming gone away from of the legs of the cavernous bodies of the penis.